a sad truth to us filipinos.

The Video tells the story, eventually the choice that the filipinos decided was a true failure.I respect the choices that Filipinos was trying to demonstrate thats why Philippines is a  democrat country.Gilbert Teodoro, the president we never had and wasted.

NP Presidential bet, Manny Villar conceded to Aquino and gave gratitude on his family,supporters,voulunteers, and person who believes in him.The Presidential bet accepts defeat and is willin to continue against poverty on the country.I salute Villar for the money he spares on the campaign period and still showing good sport to Noynoy Aquino.

Lakas Kampi CMD Presidential bet, Gibo Teodoro Concedes presidential race and accepts defeat.It has been a long road to Gibo and come up stating “the hardest part of the campaign was traitors”.Im sorry na re-phrase ko lang di ko na nalaman, pero tama din naman si Gibo.After ranking at fourth spot Gibo Finally concedes and let the COMELEC proclaim the winner.I hope he will run for President this 2016 , this time many teens will not let you down!.

    • badik
    • May 17th, 2010

    i’m really sad that gibo lost the 2010 election yet also hopeful that the Filipino people will see that compassion should be given to the poverty stricken areas of the country, to the war-torn mindanao and to those filipino students that walk distances just to learn from dilapidated schools. lastly, i believed that gibo had the intelligence, humility and strong character to solve all these problems.Viva Gibo! May you give us a bright future.thank you.

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