“I respect the results, but it was the right time to made CHANGE not to SPARE it”

Democratic country as it is, but its sure been a hard time voting for the right one.May 10 was never been hard for me because Im not a voter but it made me goose bumps because this is the time to made change.In here, everything went well , the PCOS , teachers and all the voters waiting for hours just to use their sacred votes.The Automated Election for me was a sucess even though at many areas it had been a bad day managing the unexpected man made machines.And after the long hours of waiting the partial votes come in, kalmado ako sa una dahil 4% lang naman ang partial na iyon.But when it hit 40% of partial votes and my bet (Gilbert Teodoro) is still at top 4, i was like wtf? and even made me crossed fingers for the deserving candidate.Matino ba talaga ang mga Pilipino? come to think of it, Gibo gave ads and activities just to be transparent in all his platforms while (the rank no.1) was very dependable on ads/commercials without any means of introducing his platforms(i mean specific matters).The Election made me realize if the minor kids will be given a chance to vote, they will totally come up for a better president.I respect every results that the comelec gave but this was the time to vote and made a change but i believe Filipino don’t like to make change.




7days of survey ,7days of choices , 7days of pure decision, and 7days to come up an aswer.An answer that will lead us to the right country and a leader who will lead us glory.One week of poll survey and 60votes gained 1 result.It’s Lakas Kampi CMD standard bearer, Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro who bags 30votes out of 60votes making it 50% productive on this poll.First four days of the poll: “noynoy” Aquino was the top 1 interms of votes bagging 15votes out of 37 yet not that effective and liable on votes.And later on,Gibo Teodoro step up to the poll ladder and gained 21votes(and that’s outstanding).Noynoy is second to the poll gaining  16votes total, while Manny Villar is on the 3rd spot gaining 8votes that was stable for about 4days.For me personally, Gibo is not the best OPTION, not the option but the right true CHOCE.The poll have spoken Gibo wins and in this election may the poll speaks for itself.




This was taken yesterday right after when Uber(show) off aired. This was between teenternational vs pbb tag off war(something).The Game was so physical, haha na may naasar sa kanila.Villa pa rin ako kasi ang mga apartment mukhang ewan parati (peace) . update: yesterday 5pm

While waiting to present  (tribute for their mothers):

Housemate feeling sleepy,while waiting for the call of big brother.Di mapigilan ang antok at knock out naang isa sino kaya ang susunod?mag prepresent sila ng kanta yata para sa kanilang mga inay/mommy. update: 6pm

NALILINK NI FRETZIE? may Boys Over Fretzie na! update:7pm

Photos where Fretzie is link to this boys: sweet moments with Ivan & Patrick



The status i’ve recently got was outstanding! Di ako makapaniwala

sa views that i would recieve on this typical blog.I promise, I will

work hard to get all the news and updates and also things that will

be eye catching to the viewers.The views maybe not that stable but

it’s very unexpected for this amateur blogsite.Thank You sa lahat.



James and Bret talking kung sino ba talaga ang crush ni Fretzie while

in  the merge of teenternational clash war.And si Bret ay parang

may crush ni Fretzie “that name was flooded from his mouth all

over and over again.Bretzie Daw ang loveteam nila! hahahaha

Boys over Fretzie” -LMAO!


My LOLO cooks the Best HUMBA in town!.The food where fats are the yumiest.This post dont need to be enumerated, the pictures tell it all!. Lami jud kaayo

bisag unsaon (only in Cebu ,Humba!Humba!Humba! )

P-POP For the Philippines?

Who says that K-pop or Pop groups are only for the koreans?

Koreans had been popularly known and boom massively in the

industry of publishing male/female groups.Korean Pop had been

heard all over the Asia and gained fans contagiously with enormous

great hits.Wondergirls and 2ne1 are just some example on what I’m

really talking about.

Magpapatalo ba naman ang mga Pinoy? Hindi ako gaano ka fan ng

mga ganyan pero gusto ko lang ipa alam sa inyo ang P-POP.”K-POP”

to “P-POP” ? di naman imposible kung bakit maraming record comp

-anies ay handang mag produce/manage ng boy/girl groups dahil

na rin ito sa impluwensya at dating sa masa at lasa ng pinoy.Sana

lang naman tangkilikin ng pinoy ang pinaghirapan ng kalahi nila.

Korean man o Pinoy pareho lang yun! choks na choks! basta may

P-Pop na ! na pwedeng aabangan sa mga darating na panahon…